Tanner+Laura | Wedding | Heritage House Dripping Springs,TX

“Tanner & Laura were married September 14th 2013, on the steps of a church nestled in the Texas Hill Country. Blush and white florals decorated with touches of sparkling gold gave the rustic venue a romantic ambiance. Laura’s wedding dress was beautifully embroidered with delicate rosette ruffles and her bridesmaids chose their own style of mismatched blush pink dresses, which made for some soft feminine photos while the girls were getting ready. The couple chose to do a first look before the ceremony and I’m so glad they did because their reactions couldn’t have been sweeter! It was a beautiful evening full of love, laughter and happiness, all the makings for a perfect celebration of a wonderful couple. I’ve never smiled so much behind the camera and by the end of the night I truly felt that I had been part of something special, even if I was just there to take pictures. Tanner & Laura I had the pleasure of getting to know you as a couple, your love was so very evident and heartfelt. I wish you all the best in your new life together! “- Anna D

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IMG_286616IMG_3300“Where do I even start with my experience with Anna D? It was SO absolutely wonderful! For starters, the pictures turned out amazing! Anna is really great at catching all of the “action” of the full wedding day. I had heard from many people to make sure to get two photographers for your wedding day, but Anna moves around so much and is truly passionate about what she does, that two photographers wasn’t necessary at all. She was ready and willing to take any pictures that I wanted or that my family members asked her to take. My most favorite part of the pictures that she took was all the emotion and excitement that Anna captured- laughter during the ceremony, sentimental dancing, and our crazy Bridal Party busting their moves on the dance floor! Literally two days after the wedding, Anna was already sending my edited pictures. This was so exciting because most people have to wait months for their wedding pictures! If we had to do it all again, without a doubt we would go with Anna D Photos and I highly recommend Anna to anyone looking for a photographer!”   – Laura | Bride

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