Lana | Senior | Westlake High School Class of 2013


“I had never done a professional photoshoot before, so naturally I was pretty nervous! The quality of the photos is what amazed me the most. It’s Anna’s technique, level of experience, and patient attitude. I am so grateful to Anna for her beautiful work.”-Lana


“I love being around people, especially my family and close friends. I strongly believe in what is meant to be will be and I am in love with Lake Austin. I am attending Texas Tech University in fall 2013 for Pre-Nursing and hoping to rush! As your typical Texas girl, I will be asking for a new pair of cowboy boots for graduation. I feel so blessed to have the close relationships I do with my mom, dad, sister. I wouldn’t trade them for the world! I love sushi and chocolate probably more than anything and one day soon I hope to learn how to play an instrument, it’s a work in progress.”-Lana

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