Amy & Brad’s elegant engagement session in Austin, Tx

IMG_8937IMG_9230IMG_9237 IMG_9238IMG_9258 IMG_8993IMG_9010IMG_9031IMG_9131 IMG_9193 IMG_9199 IMG_9217 IMG_9222IMG_9690IMG_9458IMG_9481IMG_9490IMG_9620IMG_9616IMG_9606IMG_9602IMG_9678IMG_9639IMG_9627IMG_9743IMG_9734IMG_9736IMG_9700IMG_9723IMG_9762IMG_9769IMG_9770IMG_9774IMG_9749IMG_9399IMG_9385IMG_9404IMG_9383IMG_9409IMG_9362IMG_9347IMG_9308IMG_9327IMG_9867IMG_9785IMG_9796IMG_9815IMG_9848IMG_9864IMG_0256IMG_0252IMG_0243IMG_0231IMG_0227IMG_0374IMG_0382IMG_0387IMG_0390IMG_0398IMG_0410IMG_9935IMG_9906IMG_9913IMG_0031IMG_0065IMG_0074IMG_0079IMG_9961IMG_9900IMG_0186“We really wanted an engagement shoot that captured the full heartedness of our relationship and personalities. Our inspiration actually came from the wedding we are currently planning in St. Louis at an old vintage bank lobby. Channeling our inner Gatsby and James Bond came more naturally than we would have thought 🙂 All thanks to our wonderful photographer who really paved the way on this vision.

I’m lucky to say I snagged a man with style; Brad truly enjoys cleaning up and accessorizing so getting him into these suits didn’t take much persuading (thank goodness!) and was a LOT of fun. What girl doesn’t dream of being covered in glitter and pearls, popping champagne into the sunset with the man of her dreams?! Needless to say, Anna D Photos really hit the nail on the head with this shoot and we had an amazing time doing it. It almost felt like our own magical date, just the two of us, but with beautiful pictures to prove it! :)” – Amy 


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